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"MithilaNepal"- Art Exhibition 2008

"MithilaNepal"- Art Exhibition
To promote the Art as well as Maithili women and Mithila region

Promoted by:
Nepal Tourism Board(NTB)

Venue:‘Mithila Yain’ Art Gallery,Chaksibari (Compound of Jatra Restaurant) ,Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, Ph: +977-1-4222408

Date: 5th Dec 2008 – 20th Dec 2008

‘Mithila Nepal’- Art Exhibition is organized by JHC with an aim to promote the art as well as Maithili women and Mithila region.

is one of the leading centers for Mithila Arts and crafts, established 14 years back in 1994, in Janakpur with aim to contribute in the development of the region by empowering the underprivileged women of Mithila in Nepal.

The Mithila Art produced by the Artists in
JHC has it's own specialty and simplicity

To download catalog with Arts: please click here

JHC has been participated in many joint exhibitions and since last ten years it has been organizing numbers of solo exhibitions at different places and galleries in Kathmandu to expose artistic talent of Maithili women. But due to Maoist Insurgency and Nepal’s disfigured situation JHC’s works got low in Nepal as well as abroad.

Now JHC is back with a new vision for Mithila region. JHC targets to organize Mithila Nepal every year in Nepal and abroad in favor of giving encouragement to sense the validity of their dwindling traditions and enhancement of women artists’ confidence, initiative and incentive to show their artistic value.

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Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone: 977-1-6225648

Some of the Arts to be displayed in 'Mithila Nepal'- Art Exhibition 2008

Maithili Women working in house and field

Daily Life

The Kohbar Art

Daily Work

Works of Maithili Women

The Aripan Art

The Kohbar Art

The daily life

Life in Mithila

The Bans Art

Ten Incarnations of Lord Krishna

The Aripan Art

Daily Life of Maithili Women

People busy in works along with celelbrating Chath festival

Maithili Women performing their daily works

The Kohbar Art

Festival of lights- Deepawali

Maithili Women working in house and field

Daily Life of Maithili Women

The Artists

Madan Kala Karn

Banarasi Pandit, Dev Kala Devi Karn, Sunita Shah, Nirjala Jha, Phulo Shah

JHC Past Exhibitions

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Mithilanepal is a website if JHC designed with an aim to promote Mithila Region, the people and the Mithila Art & craft.

A number of people have been engaged with JHC for the promotion of Art & Culture of Mithila. JHC has a group of experienced artist, writer, businessman, social worker etc who are working for Mithila and contribute in development of Nepal.

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An exclusive art showing life style of maithili people of Nepal