Monday, December 8, 2008

Inaugration of "Mithila Nepal"-Exhibition 2008 by The Vice-president of Nepal

JHC has organized a fifteen days long Mithila Art Exhibition from 5th December to 20th December 2008, in Mithila Yain Art Gallery, Thamel, Kathmandu. This exhibition programme has been organized in favour of giving encouragement to sense the validity of Maithili women artists dwindling traditions and enhancement of their confidence, initiative and incentive to show their artistic value.

The exhibition was initiated by the inauguration programme on 5th of December 2008. The exhibition in Mithila Yain Gallery was very unique and a mezzo level exhibition focusing on the promotion of Mithila Art and the region. And the most important part of the inauguration programme was the presence of the Honorable Vice-president of Nepal Mr. Pramanand Jha.

Programme was started with a small welcome speech for the Chief Guest, guests by the coordinator of the programme, Ms. Seema Parween. In the welcome speech, Ms. Parween also explained about the expressions that can be seen in Mithila art by the JHC Artists.

Second part of the programme included a speech from a very seniour award winner artist Dr. Ram Dayal Rakesh on Mithila Art. In his speech Dr. Rakesh highlighted on the present situation of Mithila Art and his experiences in Mithila Art. After this speech the chief guest Honorable Vice-President of Nepal, Mr. Pramanand Jha were asked to place some of his views toward Mithila Art. This part was made very interesting and special by honorable vice-president. It was really unexpecting thing to know that he had a very good knowledge about the Art, it’s type, colours used in Mithila art along with the use of Mithila art in different occasions.

Third part was followed by ending of the programme by the Curator of Mithila Yain Gallery and a very good Artist Mr. Shyam Sundar Yadav. After this the most important part of the programme, the inauguration was performed by our Honorable Vice-president Mr. Pramanand Jha. Honorable Vice president went through all the arts with conversations with the Master Artist and popular woman artist cum trainer of JHC Madan Kala Karn. Beyond this Honorable Vice president spent time with all the guest present in the programme with a very nice conversation with having snacks and tea. This was very appreciable that Honorable Vice-president Mr. Pramanand Jha gave good time to JHC for the promotion of Mithila Art and the region.