Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finally JHC Started the Project "Beggars' Trust"

With an average per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US$260 (2004), Nepal is the poorest country in South Asia and ranks as the twelfth poorest country in the world.

Over the last decade the country has made considerable progress reducing poverty. However, the decline in poverty has been accompanied by an increase in inequality.

Overall, people who tend to remain poor are households of agricultural wage earners, those who are landless or have small land holdings, those with illiterate household heads, and those living in large households (with seven or more members).

In terms of different caste and ethnic groups, Hill and Terai Dalits represent the poorest segment of the population, despite a decline in poverty -- from 58% to 46%. There have been many national and international organizations which have been working to eliminate poverty in These regions. Different programs have been conducting and to some extinct some success have been gained.

"Charity is not the solution of poverty."- is a very logical truth said byProfessor Mohammed Yunus. Charity can not help these the people in low level such as beggars to be employed.

With the good start of 2010 JHC has started the project "Beggars' Trust" to help the beggars of Nepal. JHC believes that to eliminate poverty form Nepal first the beggars should be supported. Here support does not mean any kinds of charity.

In 2010 JHC will be collecting the funds in the JHC-trust and in the end for Year the Project will be worked out. There fore JHC kindly requests all the clients and friends to help us by buying the products. Your small help can mean a lot to the Beggars.