Saturday, June 1, 2013

JHC Introduces "Mithila Nepal Art Gallery" in Pasadena

Janakpur Handicraft Center in Pasadena is pleased to announce for the grand opening of Mithila Nepal - the only evening Art Gallery in heart of Pasadena City. Mithila Nepal is a unique art gallery currently locating at different locations in Nepal and United States. The gallery's model is build on posterity rather than prosperity, which means a long term view on working with all kinds of Art lovers from all around the world to bring all women together for change. All locations have different looks based on the locality but same expressions of art.
An important aspect of Mithila Nepal's work process is that customers are treated as partners with full access of Gallery's planning and events work. The focus of the gallery is to be known internationally for it's leading dedication to promote and encourage new Artists to exhibit their talents all around the world. Mithila Nepal Gallery is just a medium to honor artists and their Art works. 

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