Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mithila Art Classes at Mithila Nepal Gallery, Pasadena

Mithila Nepal Gallery opens classes for children and adults this summer from July 28-August 1 2014 who are interested to know Indian culture and learn the tradition folk art, “ Mithila Art” which is also known as Madhubani Painting. We will be offering Mithila art classes for all ages at our gallery where the students can learn the culture and symbolism behind Mithila art, as well as how to create their own.  Both full day and half day classes are available to students. 

·         Half Day, (9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm, Monday-Friday)-$250 for the week
·         Full day (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday)-$550 for the week

There are 12 seats available per class and students will be taught by master trainer Madan Kala Karn and her assistant Amiy Saxena from Nepal. Madan Kala has experience of 35 years in teaching Mithila Art professionally. She has been practicing this art since more than 45 years. Each student will learn the importance of the culture and its art as well as how to draw and paint it for themselves.

Day 1- The Culture behind the art- Information regarding its creation and the importance and effect it has on the artist’s culture.
Day 2- Drawing on Paper and how to do:
1)      Wall Art  
2)      Floor Art (Aripan)
Day 3- How to fill  the color in the drawing
Day 4- How to use Mithila’s culture lifestyle and symbolism in art
Day 5- Complete their own big Mithila painting- with paint or pen.
Day 6- Mithila Art festival in the gallery- In this festival all kids and adults will so an art on the bricks of wall of Mithila Nepal Gallery 

Each student will receive a gallery t-shirt and two snacks a day.  The art supplies will also be provided to guests.  If parents would like to drop off their children early we offer before class care at an extra fee of $25.  To register please call Lindsey at  626-844-9010 or email her at

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